Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Icebreaker.

Perfect name for a boat where you meet new people and wear tutus. On Sunday, roomie Siobhan and I went to a literature-themed brunch on a boat in the Port of San Francisco. Guests were instructed to bring either a brunch item or libation inspired by a character from a book or an author.
The day started off with mimosas and a tour of the three-story ex-cargo ship from Iceland.
One genius brought locusts and honey (for St. John the Baptist, from the Bible). And yes, I ate one. Two, actually. They were crunchy. Not much else to be said about them.
View from the kitchen. Don't get tipsy wihle making your spaghetti here...you may just fall overboard.
The top level of the boat. A sundeck with a hot tub and fake grass. The Golden Gate Bridge is over that guy's left shoulder in the far distance. You won't be able to see it unless you're a hawk.

Looking down to level 2 from the deck. Again, don't fall. Thinking about it, this boat may not have been the best place to have a bunch of tipsy people. Booze + wake + lots of holes to fall through is like Jack Kerouac running through Alice in Wonderland.
One guy was dressed as a Captain and the hostess brought tutus for everyone to wear, so I decided to drag everyone up top for an impromptu photo shoot.

Having been watching The Tudors obsessively, I naturally had to turn my tutu into an English ruff.

A seagull on the uppermost deck had just hatched a baby seagull (possibly the cutest baby animal ever--fluffy white with black polka dots and big big flapping feet). Of course, me being me, I didn't take a picture of the cute thing, I took a picture of the gross thing. The hatched egg.

Captain Crush (as he is now nicknamed by me after our fashion editorial) and the girls waving to people in boats, who stare at us either in envy or fright. Afterall, Captain Crush can be seen for miles away with his gold lamé hoodie and the rest of us are wearing tutus, mine still around my neck. And no, I wasn't even drunk. The benefit of being an artist is that you can act weird all the time and people justify it with, "Oh, she's an artist." Free license.

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