Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another day, another dollar spent on food.

My new boss is a foodie. Which is great because I can get all sorts of good recommendations from him. It's terrible because then I want to try all of them. Luckily, he told me to go buy some croissants from Thoroughbread Bakery in the Castro yesterday and as a pat on the back for good work, he paid for them. For me and my roomies. Yeehaw!! I'm liking the perks of this job...
First day of real sunshine since we got up here. Jane is loving it even though our lawn leaves something to be desired.

Thoroughbread Bakery in the Castro

It's a good thing boss man told me what to get otherwise I would have stood in front of the bakery case for 30 minutes drooling like an idiot before blowing the rest of my food budget for the month on sweets.

$1.25 coconut macaroon. I savored this tasty little treat out on Thoroughbread's patio at an old desk.

Being my father's daughter, I couldn't help but snoop inside the drawer (he's notorious for doing this same thing at doctor's offices)

This is the note inside, congratulating me on having found the treasure drawer. As you can see from the above photo, the treasures included one square chocolate of indeterminate age, a dying flower, cigarette butt, and dead spider. Thanks. Still, the coconut macaroon was worth every bite even knowing that I ate it on top of a cabinet that holds dead things. 

Cool statue and some dude who I swear was just messin' with me. I was holding my phone up to take a quick picture and he would stand directly in front of me, no matter which angle I tried to shoot it at. He was like those awful carnival ducks you have to try and shoot but they're too fast. But opposite. Since I was trying desperately NOT to shoot him.

Ahh, finally annoying duck man crossed the street, apparently confused over his fowl lineage, and I got a good shot.

There's a quote I really love in Spanish (I can't write in Spanish--or really read it or speak it for that matter) that translates to "God will find a mouth to tell you what you need to hear." I was lost in the Castro trying to find my way back to the N Line when I passed a seafood joint that had $1 oysters on Tuesdays. And it was a Tuesday. That's as much of a sign as I need, God, thanks for the tip.

This morning I ate my incredible almond croissant from Thoroughbread with some donut peach and Vietnamese coffee. Way to start the day off right.

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