Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best. Idea. Ever.

The Science Academy in San Francisco has what is called "Nightlife" on Thursday nights. It's 21+ so that means no screaming children, no strollers to run into your heels, and they serve booze. You get to drink while exploring animals and bugs and cool shit. AND it's a third of the price of a regular admission ticket. Seriously, this is my dream come true.   
The evening started at Off The Grid, which is a local gathering of food trucks a few blocks from my house. It ended up being a total pig-fest...we literally ate pork in every part of the meal (yes, even dessert).

Spicy pork belly fries. Could have been spicier. But damn good.

...I'm speechless. This was heaven in a bun. I almost proposed to the sweaty chef, but he was too busy slinging steamed buns of pork belly, turmeric pickled daikon and sriracha goodness at the hordes of people around the truck to hear my assertion of undying love and affection.

There were about 10 or 12 trucks in all. As much as I wanted to try all of them, I had to temper myself, lest I wind up with a charcoal digestif at the ER. Dessert included chocolate and toffee covered bacon plus a few nibbles of Josephine's nutella and strawberry creme brulee.

At the Science Center, standing inside an aquarium tunnel. I look like a homie because I'm trying to take a photo and not spill my sangria.

Starfish. I got to pet a starfish while drinking. I can't get over what a good invention this is.

This little dude had eyes like Yoda.

And at the end of it ostriches. I want one to keep my goat company someday.

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